About Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts

The activity objectives of Mifal Hapais vary according to the needs of the society and the community in Israel. Along with support in the fields of education, health, sport and environmental quality, Mifal Hapais began, over a decade ago, to allocate considerable resources also to cultural and artistic development in Israel.
Through Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts, Mifal Hapais awards hundreds of grants each year to artists and creators and initiates a host of projects in the field.

Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts is proud to assist and to support in areas of art, artists, geographical regions and target audiences and various sectors that are not supported by the institutional bodies. The diversion of resources in these directions is designed to contribute to a rich diversity of activity and creativity placing an emphasis on quality and accessibility to target audiences residing outside the center.
The Mifal Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts invests effort and encourages initiatives that strengthen the position of Israeli creators throughout the world, for example: In the field of visual arts – support for showing art exhibitions abroad.
In the field of performing arts, support for producing performances abroad of Israeli groups and artists in the fields of dance, music and theater. Hapais Council encourages Israeli creators to go to professional continuing education programs abroad for the sake of training and forming professional relationships. As well as hosting in Israel of international artists in workshops and master classes given to Israeli artists.
In the field of cinema – Hapais Council supports an international film incubator for feature films initiated by the Sam Spiegel Film School. This is the only incubator of its kind, in which creators from Israel and abroad participate, and currently it constitutes one of the most professional and quality frameworks in the world.
Furthermore, HaPais Council encourages projects that incorporate hosting of international artists from performing arts fields in Israel. Some of the best international artists come to Israel and hold workshops and master classes and thereby enrich the local creator community and the general public.
Each year the program of HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts changes and allows the widest range of artists to receive support, to express themselves and to develop in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, literature and poetry, cinema television and new media and interdisciplinary arts.
Recognition of literature and authors, artists, creators and scientists also takes place every year by awarding the Mifal HaPais Sapir Prize for Literature and the Mifal HaPais Landau Prizes for Arts and Sciences.









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Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts

In 2000 HaPais council for the culture and Arts was established, through which Mifal HaPais allocates resources that allow thousands of artists and creators and hundreds of projects and cultural initiatives to be realized for a wide and diverse audience throughout Israel to benefit from high quality artistic products.  

HaPais Council, a dynamic, responsive and kept apprised body, assesses its modes of operation and responds to the new needs arising from the voices of those who are involved in the fields of culture and art.

In an effort to enable HaPais Council to support new trends and current initiatives in the field, HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts varies, each year, the topics and the projects that it supports. This flexibility enables to respond to changing needs and to assist experimental and innovative

The work plan of HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, which specifies the projects and the topics for which the public is invited to submit requests for support, is published in the first quarter of each year 

The guiding principles for determining the activity of HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts:
1. Products of the budgeted and proactive activity of HaPais Council will be accessible to a wide
       range of consumers while giving preference to residents of the geographic or societal periphery.
2. HaPais Council will support initiatives for activities having artistic value.
3. HaPais Council will work to support the artist, his position and his professional advancement.
4. The activity of HaPais Council will facilitate access and affinity of new populations and audiences
        to fields of culture and art with an emphasis on children, youth and youngsters as consumers of
5. HaPais Council will support activities of national importance in the fields of culture and art and
       the promotion of Israeli artists abroad, from the perspective of the representation and promotion
       of Israeli art in the world.

Rules of operation guiding the work of HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts in the decision making:
1. HaPais Council support will not take the place of another State allocation.
2. HaPais Council does not grant regular annual budgets to institutions, but rather supports
       a variety of specified activities and projects.
3. As a rule, HaPais Council support is one off – for a specified project, so as to allow a greater
       number of creators to benefit from the support.
4. HaPais Council does not consider projects in retrospect, but only projects that are going to take

The board of directors of Mifal HaPais allocates to HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts its annual budget. HaPais Council allocates budgets in two primary ways:
1. Awarding subsidies pursuant to requests coming from the public on topics specified in advance by
    HaPais Council and according to the formulated criteria.
2. Initiation of activities and projects by the Council.

Composition of the Council : 

Hapais Council for the culture and Arts shall comprise a maximum of 29 members, most of them artists and public officials from the fields of culture and art and some of them heads of authorities and Mifal Hapais board representatives.

HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts operates through six sub-committees :

Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Literature and Poetry

Cinema, Television and New Media

Interdisciplinary Arts

Hapais Landau Prizes for Arts and Sciences